Customer Service Training

Give your team the tools they need to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations

Corporate Customer Service Training

One way to be sure that organizations are able to take care of their customers is for the employees of that organization to know; what good service is, the ways in which they can offer it and how to measure the level of the service they offer. 

Good customer experience can be achieved in two ways: first, by the employees treating the customers well and secondly, by the management treating the employees well. 

At CX Touchpoints group we give your team the tools they need to create positive experiences for your clients.

Customer Service Training for Customer Facing Staff

This  training which focuses on customer facing staff, equips your  team with the key tools and skills needed to create strong positive impressions and  winning customer experiences. The typically One day full training focuses on developing  the right service attitude, communication skills needed for customer interactions, how to create positive first impressions, how to manage customer complaints and techniques of dealing with difficult customers. All case studies are adapted to your business sector.

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Omni- Channel Customer Experience Management & Journey Mapping

This one day intensive training gives your team the tools needed to take your entire customer journey to the next level. It enables team members to brainstorm on key elements of your customers journey, the role each team member has to play and design solutions directly applicable to your business, with the guidance of our customer experience experts. This working session confronts your methods with industry best practices and gives your team the boast they need to transform your customer experience.

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Training Areas

Customer Service for Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies and  Micro-finance institutions. 

Patient Customer Experience

Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Dentist and Medical testing centers.

Public Sector & NGO Customer Experience

Government Agencies, public utility companies, NGOs and non profit organisations.

Hospitality & Leisure Customer Experience

Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, recreation and touristic sites and  Amusement parks.

Airport & Transport Customer experience

Airline Agencies, Rail Agencies, Bus and Road travel services and Ticketing agencies.

Call center & Online Customer Experience

Internal and external call centers, digital businesses, online support agencies.

Retail Customer Experience

Retail shops, shopping malls, filing stations, saloons and fashion agencies.

Customer Service for Industrial Companies

Manufacturers, bulk distributors, and semi bulk agencies.