Customer Service Training &


Customer needs are changing. So too are the competencies customer service agents need to have. These training and certification programs equip you or your team with the required skills needed to deliver outstanding service.

Individual Certification Programs

The customer service career development program of the CX Touchpoints group has four customer service training and certification programs at 4 experience levels.

Level 1

Customer Service Junior Practitioner Certification (CSJP)

This training covers 3 core modules that give you a foundation in what customer service is, how to create value for customers and the customer service code of conduct. This is the recommended start point for anyone willing to develop their customer service skills.

  • Duration: 4 Weeks Normal, Full day Accelerated
  • Format: Face-to-face, Live Online, Recorded
  • Fee: Starting at 100,000F (€150) depending on the format

Level 2

Certified Customer Experience Management Professional (CCXMP)

This training covers 8 core modules that give you an in-depth understanding of customer service processes and key competencies needed by customer experience professionals. It is recommended to complete level 1 before taking this certification program.

  • Duration: 8 Weeks Normal, 3 Full days Accelerated
  • Format: Face-to-face, Live Online, Recorded
  • Fee: Starting at 300,000F (€460) depending on the format

Level 3

Strategic Customer Experience Management Certification

This management level Certification is divided into 8 sections. The training covers the key customer experience management competencies needed at each stage of the customer life cycle with emphasis on strategic actions and practical tools for achieving them. The training gives customer experience managers and executives the tools needed to conceive, implement and measure customer experience in an organization.

  • Duration: 8 Weeks Normal, 3 Full days Accelerated
  • Format: Face-to-face, Live Online
  • Fee: Starting at 650,000F (€1000) depending on the format
  • Prerequisite: CCXMP

Niche Specific Training

Customer Service for Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies and  Micro-finance institutions. 

Patient Customer Experience

Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Dentist and Medical testing centers.

Public Sector & NGO Customer Experience

Government Agencies, public utility companies, NGOs and non profit organisations.

Hospitality & Leisure Customer Experience

Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, recreation and touristic sites and  Amusement parks.

Airport & Transport Customer experience

Airline Agencies, Rail Agencies, Bus and Road travel services and Ticketing agencies.

Call center & Online Customer Experience

Internal and external call centers, digital businesses, online support agencies.

Retail Customer Experience

Retail shops, shopping malls, filing stations, saloons and fashion agencies.

Customer Service for Industrial Companies

Manufacturers, bulk distributors, and semi bulk agencies.

The value of Customer Service Training.

Customer service is what separates companies that thrive from those that fail. One way of ensuring that employees have what it takes to deliver good customer service is through customer service training and refresher programs.

Customer service training should not be a onetime event. As customer needs, technologies, and expectations change, there is need to keep employees updated with new skills and techniques of handling different customer situations and maintaining  consistent good service.

Customer service training improve employee engagement and motivations, improves customer service skills, increases customer satisfactions and creates more value for the company.